Dear Educators,


Sharing this true story with students, teachers and administrators continues to be an honor for me and my team. When I was first writing this show, I could never have imagined the outpouring of support that I would receive from students. The Question-and-Answer sessions are remarkable and enlightening — the students ask such insightful questions and often want to keep talking with me after the session has concluded. Being a part of their lives, even briefly, fills me with a great sense of pride and hope. It is truly and extraordinary feeling and we look forward to bringing our show to your school, too.



“The school assembly to end all school assemblies.”

Eric Grode

The New York Times


Q: What age range is appropriate for the show?

A: We have performed in high schools and middle schools. We recommend students ages 10+ see the show.

Q: Do you need a proper theatre space?

A: We do not require a proper theatre space and we’ve performed the show in makeshift theatres and auditoriums in some of the schools we’ve visited. As long as the projection and sound requirements can be met, we can make it happen.

Q: What do you typically charge?

A: Performance rates vary and we are more than willing to work with you to find an agreeable rate.

Q: What is included?

A: The cost includes a performance of the show, followed by a Question and Answer session with the audience.

Tech Specs

Lighting (optional requirements)

The following four lighting “looks” are employed during each performance of Bully​.

  • Look 1: A general wash of the entire stage allowing for upstage and downstage movement. Typically involves white lights only. Used throughout the show.
  • Look 2: A more focused lighting setup only centerstage and downstage right. Typically involves white lights only. Used during four “Mrs. DoLittle” segments of the show.
  • Look 3: The boxing ring used five times over the course of the show. Typically involves a mixture of white and red lights to give the feel of a boxing ring on the stage.
  • Look 4: An intimate lighting look used in a handful of moments throughout the show. Typically involves soft, white spotlights center stage.

Sound & projections

Performer will provide a MacBook Air laptop (with VGA Female In adapter) to run sound and projection cues from the Q­Lab software. Performer will also provide a video adaptor and a 100 ft. VGA to VGA (male to male) cable to connect the laptop to the projection unit. Note that the projection image should fill 75% of the space on the screen so that the projections can be clearly seen. Additionally, a general PA system that fills the space will be required for the sound cues.

Other Notes

  • Ideally, this show is run by a single operator. If lighting & sound boards aren’t physically next
  • to each other, there needs to be a second operator.
  • The ideal performance space is 20’ x 20’
  • Ideally, the projection screen should be located stage left of the playing area, but other
  • positions are also manageable.