“Its unassailable messages sugarcoated with ounces of sweat, pounds of goofy humor and tons of heart.”


In this powerful new production inspired by entries in his sixth-grade journal, Lee returns to the scene of the crime, calling to the ring those who subjected him to unrelenting bullying attacks. It is the fight of his life: a story about finding the will and a way to finally stand up to the bullies.

Hear From Fans…

“Lee Kaplan’s ‘Bully’ captivated our students in a way that a lecture would not. Many parents contacted the school to relate their children’s interest in the show and to let us know about at home discussions that followed Lee’s performance. All in all, a huge success!” Ann Korahais

St. John’s Country Day School, Jacksonville, FL

“Thank you again for today’s performance! The kids were buzzing about it and the processing conversations were very insightful.” Annita Bruna

The Churchill School & Center, New York, NY

“As a Theatre Director and an educator I can say that ‘Bully’ is an important piece. Using theatre to combat the ever growing perils of bullying is an excellent way to keep the students engaged this is NOT ‘just another boring assembly.’ Lee uses compassion , courage and humor to reach out to his audience.” Laura Anne Rippel

Theatre Director, Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL


Audience Members

“Devastating and should be required viewing.”

Washington Post

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