The Reviews Are In…

“Unassailable messages sugarcoated with ounces of sweat, pounds of goofy humor and tons of heart.”

Eric Grode

“Bully is devastating and should be required viewing”

Stephanie Merry

“Lee’s will to find meaning and purpose from the pain of his youth seems to have worked. Bully is already resonating with its public in a huge way.”

Dr. Robi Ludwig

“The combination of these emotionally intense moments and comedic anecdotes make this show a contender.”

Lauren R. Alexander

“Bully [is] a must see. Kaplan is a man of action. He fights through the pain, and comes out a winner. Like Rocky before him, he is an inspiration.”

Heather McAllister

“They say living well is the best revenge — with Bully, Lee Kaplan proves that performing well can be an equally, if not more, effective strategy.”

John Bavoso

broadway blog
“With robust energy, Kaplan muscles through the 60-minute piece with a Robin Williams-like intensity.”

Lindsay B. Davis

broadway world
“One has to give credit to Mr. Kaplan for having the courage to share his personal and very specific tale and having the acting talent to pull off the diverse range of characters employing a variety of voices and physical postures to bring it to life.”

Jennifer Perry

dc metro theater arts
“Kaplan’s a gifted mimic, not only of celebrities. [His] ability to view himself as a child enables us to see these characters as individuals and archetypes, and ourselves and those we once knew mirrored in them.”

Leslie Weisman