Ok, so I’m writing this as I’m nearly falling asleep ahead of my two-show morning tomorrow (with a 4:30 AM alarm set). I don’t imagine it will be a very long entry, but I do have some important things to note before they fly out of my memory. We were in an audience of about 400 people in a “multi-purpose room.” The students were with me — I could feel that sometimes their attention waned, but most of the time, I could feel their energy rushing toward me. At the end of our Q&A session, a couple of adults/teachers approached me to thank me for the performance and then, before I knew it, there was a super-long line of students queuing up and waiting for my autograph. I am still bowled over by the things these kids were telling me and even got some video of what one student had to say.

This good-natured young man was so well-spoken — he and some of his peers gave me a peek into what it’s like to witness / experience bullying in 2017.